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I enjoyed working with him so much that I decided to sign up to a TAFE photography course, as well as studying in the dark-room and shooting digital on the weekends. All those years ago, I knew photography was what I wanted to do full time one day!

After completing my one year long TAFE course in mid 2002 and assisting Greg in shooting endless weddings, real estate & commercial jobs. I was offered a job working in customer service at a small but boutique high-end real estate office that specialised in selling multi-million dollar homes My photography boss, Greg, even did photography work for the estate agent and was very highly regarded. I was still shooting homes in my spare time (nights and weekends), and at an early age I quickly grew great knowledge of what the industry needed in regards to photography and marketing.

During my time in real estate I obtained my full REIQ real estate agent license; however, I followed my passion and then resigned shortly afterwards, starting my own business specialising in real estate + property photography, and I’ve been doing so ever since!

I have kept myself updated with the ever changing technology, and I have recently created Australia’s largest photo editing website The rationale behind this concept was driven by the desire for better time management and optimum efficiency. As your photography business grows, you can no longer spend time shooting all day and editing at night – it’s tiring, and in fact, not necessary. Why not outsource some or all of your editing work? Outsourcing is very popular in many industries now, and photography is no different.

BFP work very closely with our clients to obtain the best photography results possible – Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assistance.


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