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Real Estate Photography Training


Your real estate images with our specialised point & shoot camera setup


Photos to your www.boxbrownie.com account


Your clients directly after your photo shoots via your smart phone invoicing application


Results back to your clients within 24–48 hrs & repeat the process for your next job

Work your own hours… Be your own Boss!

This table explains how you can easily clear $1358 per week working only a minimum of two jobs per day (so 10 photoshoots a week), with no Photoshop experience ever required! Imagine if you were shooting 5–6 homes a day? And working weekends?

Job 01 Job 02 Totals
Mon +$125, 6 photos – 18 editing $175, 10 photos – 30 editing $252
Tues +$125, 6 photos – 18 editing $275, 30 photos – 90 editing $292
Wed +$125, 6 photos – 18 editing $350, 30 photos – 90 editing $367
Thurs +$125, 6 photos – 18 editing $125, 6 photos – 18 editing $214
Fri +$125, 6 photos – 18 editing $150, 8 photos – 24 editing $233
Totals $535 $823 $1358


Brad Filliponi Photography Training

Do you like the way I take my personal property photos? Would you love to learn all my photography secrets? Have you noticed that you require no Photoshop experience ever to get results like this? Did you know that our editing system can automatically send photos to your clients when they are edited by our team? Please watch this short video introduction for more information.

Michael Reck eBook Testimonial

Director of Remax Hinterland, Michael explains that if you are a tech savvy property agent + have an interest in Photography, you now have the ability to shoot your own listings + possibly offer this as a free service to your clientele or a great way to earn extra income on the side.

Listen to my live 2GB Sydney Radio Interview

Why property presentation is a huge factor when selling a home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What training options are available?

ebook only, $550.00 inc. GST – opening special $495.00

  • Our personalised “BFP” training notes (eBook) explains exactly how we run our personal real estate photography business; including the camera equipment we use along with the “point & shoot” settings we have them set for to cover each scenario. It also includes the accounting software to use, which cloud based accountant we use, and advice the best place to purchase your camera equipment from + much more Remember as we are using the www.boxbrownie.com platform – no Photoshop experience is ever required with our method… no territories… no on-going franchise fees… no restrictions… no worries! Work anywhere you want in the world that has internet connection & pay as you need photo editing credit. (free eBook updates via email when available)
  • Free $50.00 www.boxbrownie.com editing credit with free photo editing cloud storage + editing assistance for life.
  • Access to our private BFP Property Photography training Facebook group (to share knowledge & experiences with like-minded property photography individuals.
  • We supply you with a “Pre-photography checklist” to help ensure properties are cleaned up before you arrive, making the shoot much easier and time-effective.
  • We add in a blank photography price-list brochure so you can use this as a quick template to get you advertising to your clientele sooner.
  • Extra included Bonus – “How to measure & draw a property floor plan” eBook. This document will explain to you the benefits of selling floor plans to your clientele & how to measure them on-site.

Additional Extras

Extra phone or online consulting: $350.00 inc. GST per hour

On-Site Training – 1 Day: $1500.00 inc. GST

As above; Extra $50 credit = $100 editing credit, Guaranteed assisting + shooting “real life” 2-4 photoshoots each training day (Up to as many of 8 photoshoots some days – Dusk shoots cannot be guaranteed) + 1-2 hours “Theory” to help you setup the camera plus answer any questions you may have about uploading your work to www.boxbrownie.com

We can guarantee that you will be shooting results exactly like our website just after 1 day!

(We recommend you purchase your camera gear before our training session so we can help set it up for you. We have a spare camera setup you can borrow on the day if required)

Additional Extras

On-Site Training – extra day: $550.00 inc. GST per day (available anyday in the future after initial consultation.

On-Site Training – extra team member present on the day: $550.00 inc. GST per person (If you are a working couple or want another team member/s to join your training session)

Extra phone or online consulting: $350.00 inc. GST per hour (only available to existing clientel)

What does your recommended camera setup cost?

It’s safe to say roughly between $3300.00 & $4500.00 depending on where you purchase it from and what you exactly need and want. You may even find these setups cheaper online or 2nd hand. If you have basic business tools like a vehicle, computer with internet connection and USB cable, you can be out there earning an income as a real estate photographer for easily under $4950.00 inc. GST! You’re buying the camera anyway, so why not have a think about purchasing our eBook start-up pack @ only $550.00 inc. GST to fast track you into the industry sooner! The quickest way to learn is from others’ mistakes… I have been in the industry a long time and there is nothing cheaper or easier in my eyes. This is the best industry head-start possible all for the price of a camera setup.

Can I offer aerial/drone photography?

Yes you can with recent changes in Australian legislation and CASA requirements drones under 2 kg can be used for commercial real estate photography use. We will guide you on the best setup to use for your business as not all drones are the same and you can waste $1000’s purchasing a specialised aerial beast you don’t even need!

How much can I charge my customers?

There are no set prices in real estate photography so every business & location is different. A rough guideline is between: $99.00 (6 day photos) & $350.00 (complete dusk photo shoot). Check your local competitors in your area and work out a price structure that best suits you, whilst delivering value. FYI, My rural clients pay me $450.00 inc. GST for their dusk shoots (30 min travel each way). Use my website as a rough guide and check your prices from your local competitors.

Can I use my own camera with this course?

Yes, you certainly can, and we can explain to you the settings you require to use on-site… However, if you want to shoot “exactly” the same way we do & get the “exact” results you see here I do highly recommend you purchase the setup we use ourselves every day. It’s honestly a simple push-button camera setup and will make your job an absolute breeze we promise!

Does the training price include camera gear and everything else to get started?

No you must purchase the specified camera gear we recommend in our consulting documents separately (additional charge from our eBook notes & training costs – Its best to pre-purchase our recommend setup prior to your training date & bring it on the day so we can set it up for you). Our training eBook is a collaboration of data and information we have created plus sourced over 15 years of being in the industry, summarised into an everyday easy to learn format.

Why is your training so cheap?

Shop around… Most property photography franchises will cost you around $10,000-$20,000+ to start your own real estate photography business with extended franchise fees and ongoing loyalties to corporate companies. I have a passion for what I do and as such have designed a world-leading photo editing system (specialising in real estate re-touching), therefore I can offer a flat online training rate for anyone wishing to start their own real estate photography business anywhere in the world! Turn your hobby into a paying career today with my guided help!

What if I need some extra time to chat further about any topics and extra consulting help?

Yes, we are always here to help with your further training needs… Extra consultancy fees are charged at $350.00 inc. GST per hour and can be booked under 30 or 60 minute time-frames. Remember, that’s the price of what you can charge for 1 dusk/twilight photo-shoot so pick my brains & Google the rest!

Also please note: You also have free photo editing guidance from our operations team at www.boxbrownie.com – so either way you have access to help.


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